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Car Clutch Repair in Dewsbury

In all cases we use high quality manufacturer recommended clutches, we have over 20 years fitting experience so you can rest assured your clutch will be fitted to the highest quality with the added bonus of Dewsbury Auto centre being up to 40% cheaper than other garages. Having your clutch replaced can be one of the most costly repairs on a car, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We receive many calls a week for clutch quotes – clutch replacement is one of our most popular services and we’ve learnt our reputation as one of the best (and cheapest!) clutch replacement centres in Dewsbury. When we quote for clutch replacement, we give you a step-by-step breakdown of each part’s cost and the labour charge – there are no hidden extras as we give you “worst-case-scenario” quote. All of our quotes are valid for 7 days, after which time you are advised to call back and check before booking in. We are happy to negotiate and often price match if you have a like-for-like quote from elsewhere, however a written quotation must be provided to us upon request.

What are clutches? All cars with a manual transmission will have a friction clutch between the engine and gearbox, allowing the driver to drive forwards and backwards. Good quality Clutches are hard wearing, but do need periodic replacement as the clutch wears down.

So how does a car or van clutch work? A clutch is made up of two metal plates in the engine, when you press the clutch pedal down, you are separating these plates apart, allowing you to change the gear, clever stuff right? When the clutch pedal comes back up it links back up with the engine and connects to the engine to the drive wheels, even more clever!

How to know if a Car Needs a New Clutch? Clutch slipping, so what does this actually mean? A clutch slipping normally describes an issue where you will accelerate and your engine speed will greatly increase without the car moving any faster, similar to if you were to accelerate if you had the clutch firmly pressed to the floor and accelerate. This is the clutch slipping, and eventually the more you drive the more the clutch will wear and no acceleration will move the car as the clutch will be slipping.

Car Repair in Dewsbury

When you want someone to repair your car in Dewsbury auto centre you have arrived at the right place – at Dewsbury Auto centre all our mechanics in our Dewsbury based garage are highly trained and qualified to undertake any car repair job – they also have benefit of the head mechanic that has been in the business for over 32 years and there is not a car, van or even motorbike that he hasn’t repaired.

No one likes to have those unnecessary costs of car repair in Dewsbury or anywhere else, you can rest assured Dewsbury auto centre will not charge you an arm and a leg, however the quality of work is far superior then many dealerships and garages in dewsbury due to the experience of the mechanics. We treat all our customers as friends and we are more than happy to quote no obligation quotes for all your car repair needs in Dewsbury.

Let Dewsbury Auto centre take the pain out of car repair in Dewsbury. We specialise in:

Timing Belt replacement

When is your timing belt due?  We can help you answer that question, give us a call today and we will be able to tell you when your timing belt or cambelt will need to be replaced. Timing belt or sometimes called your cambelt is one of the most important components of your car. It controls your camshafts in the engine that keep it running, clever stuff right? We can not stress how important it is to know the interval of your timing belt or cambelt, as if it starts slipping or snaps, this can cause damage to your engine costing you hundreds of pounds. A timing belt or cambelt is made up of perishable material so your timing belt may just be on its way out, the last thing you want is to be on a journey and your timing belt snapping. We can help check if its worn and needs replacing from free and offer a no obligation quote. I am sure you have better things to do then read about timing belts and cambelts, if in doubt or if you hear any noises coming from the engine, please do not ignore, give us a call today or even pop by and we will be happy to give your timing belt a once over.

Gearbox Repair/Replacement

Car & Van Gearbox Repair – regardless of vehicle at Dewsbury Auto centre is the only garage in Dewsbury with a wealth of experience repairing and fitting new gearboxes to all makes and models. Our Gearbox’s are supplied directly from the vehicle manufacturers so you can rest assured you are getting the right Gearbox fitted in the right way.

Dewsbury Auto centre Gearbox services:

Automatic and Manual Gearbox replacements and Repairs

Axles and Hydraulic Drives

Torque converters and Diagnostics

For more information about how our mechanics in Dewsbury will be able to help you with your Gearbox needs, call or email us today!

What Gearbox choices do you have?

You can choose from a brand new Gearbox or a reconditioned Gearbox.

A reconditioned Gearbox has a significant cost saving advantage compared to new Gearbox and can be the obvious choice where available, however you will need to make sure that you are obtaining the reconditioned gearbox from a reputable seller.

New Gearboxes come from the manufacturer have obvious benefits making sure you get the correct guarantees to protect you from future issues.

Car Mechanical Repair

We welcome all makes and models of cars for mechanical repairs – our head mechanic has over 32 years experience and an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things automotive, so we can quickly diagnose and offer a solution to your issue. What’s more, we offer some of the lowest prices around and will beat any quote in Dewsbury on a like-for-like basis!¹

Whether you’re looking for a full clutch replacement, exhaust parts, or you just aren’t sure – we can point you in the right direction and get you back on the road in no time at all.

¹Written quote must be provided upon request

Car Brakes

In all cases we use the highest quality car brakes, car discs, car brake drums as safety is the number one priority when we fit car brakes. 12 Months Parts and Labour Guarantee on all our work. If you are looking for Car Brake Replacement in Dewsbury then you have come to the right place. We specialise in Car Brakes Discs, car brake drums and replacing car brakes in DewsburyCar brake repair – you can rest assured we use the highest quality brake pads as safety is our number one priority. Our head mechanic has 32 years experience in fitting car and van brakes in dewsbury so you can rest assured that the job will done right, with the safety of you and others on the road always kept at the forefront of our minds. We welcome all inspections of the job being completed – we fit brakes in Dewsbury at a very high standard. Dewsbury Auto centre offers brakes at up to 40% cheaper than other garages in Dewsbury. We get the best deals on manufacturer recommended brake pads and discs so we can pass on the savings to our customers! 

We offer brake pads and discs at very competitive prices in Dewsbury – from economy range to top brands – we can recommend suitable parts for your vehicle and budget. We only use manufacturer recommended brake parts – your safety is our priority! 

Free brake checks – you are welcome to drop in during opening hours for a free brake safety check. Our experts will check over your front and rear brakes and offer a solution based on your needs. All of our brakes are quality checked by our head mechanic and as with all of our parts, are covered by a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind. Don’t risk your own and your passengers’ safety by having cheap brakes installed – good quality brakes are available for less than you’d think.

Call or email us, or pop in for a no-obligation quote.

Car Batteries

We offer a selection of manufacturer-recommended batteries from budget to top of the range, so if you are looking to replace your car battery in Dewsbury then you have come to the right place.

All of our batteries come with a minimum 12 month guarantee, with some having a 3 or even 5 year no-quibble guarantee.

What’s more, we offer a free computerised battery check and print-out to show the health and charge of your battery.

Sometimes all you need is a recharge to have your car starting first time, every time.

Vehicle Welding Service

Look for a Vehicle Welding Service in Dewsbury then you have come to the right place.

Our head Mechanic who undertakes all our car welding jobs in Dewsbury will make sure the welding job is done to the highest standard.

We are so confident of our work we welcome any inspection.


Why would you want a young apprentice or someone with little experience welding your car?

Dewsbury Auto centre will be more than happy to offer you a no obligation quote for Car or Van Welding in Dewsbury. MOT failed due to rust and now requires Welding, come and see us for a no obligation quote and we will even talk you through the welding procedure(if you’re interested that is!). We are over 30% cheaper than other garages in Dewsbury – we would love to see what we can do for you and have a customer for life. No welding job is too small or big for Dewsbury Auto centre we have industrial welding equipment